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Tango ColorCielo offers designer apparel and Argentine Tango classes to help women shine on the dance floor and in life with style and elegance. It was born from the desire to create an original and quality product from two milongueras. The project takes place during the long days of the Covid quarantine in 2020 in Barcelona.







designer, creative








From very early on, her artistic temperament finds expression in costume design, an activity that she develops extensively in the world of entertainment, through her own projects and collaborations with other prestigious designers. Her long history establishes a solid professionalism allied with a meticulous attention to detail. Today her artistic restlessness finds a new way of expressing itself through the realization of dance clothes that are as aesthetic as they are easy to wear. They harmoniously enhance the figure, combining beauty and functionality. Furthermore, based on her knowledge of the forms and figures of tango, her designs favor the mobility that tango demands.


Tel: +34 622 07 33 48

+34 607 87 18 87

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dancer, teacher








She started Tango in Istanbul, her hometown in 2002. In 2012 she became professional teaching tango at the same time she began her academic training in dance at the Conservatory of the Insitut del Teatre.

Her tango is marked by a combination of the simplicity and subtlety of the Tango roots with the knowledge of more advanced body techniques. She loves the closed embrace that allows two people to merge into one body and believes that tango becomes richer working inward rather than outward and in figures.

In her classes she accompanies the dancers to find their alignment and their comfort in their own body, to put down roots to connect their embrace to the earth, to develop their listening to music. The first objective is to transmit the pleasure of connecting with another body with the common base that music offers. This pleasure leads us to seek technical excellence, fluidity and elegance of movement.

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